Smart methods to save time and score more in SSC-CGL 2017

Exam Shortcuts:

Mastering Shortcut Techniques save time and score 

Shortcut techniques can increase your speed as well as accuracy in SSC-CGL Exam. A simple illustration below on the calculation of compound interest will tell you how you can go about doing it.

The Formula

The formula for calculation of compound interest is P (1 + r/100)T – P, where,

P = Principal amount,

r = rate of interest % p.a., and

T = time period in years.

This is a known formula learnt during your school days.


When P = Rs.12,000/-, r = 10% per annum and T = 2 years, what would be the compound interest at the end of 2 years?

Everyone knows the conventional method, so look here at the shortcut technique.

The Best Method

Rohit Agarwal, a National level trainer with TalentSprint, recommends that you adopt the effective percentage method by using the formula this way:

Compound Interest for 2 years = a + b + ab/100, where

“a” is the rate of interest in % for the 1st year, “b” is the rate of interest in % for the 2nd year and “ab/100” is the interest on interest earned during the first year. Summing up that gives you

a = 10% (interest for the first year)

b = 10% (interest for the second year)

ab/100 = 1% (interest on interest earned in the first year)

The effective rate of interest works out to 21% (10% + 10% + 1%). The compound interest at the end of the 2nd year is 21% of Rs.12,000/- which is Rs.2,520/-. Since there will be multiple choices, the trick is to zero-in on the right option faster than others.

In this case, 21% of Rs.12,000/- can be calculated by using the method of ‘split and merge’. Split 21 into 20 + 1 and calculate. 20% of Rs.12,000/- is Rs.2,400/- and 1% of Rs.12,000/- is Rs.120/-. Merge by adding Rs.2,400/- and Rs.120/- to arrive at Rs.2,520/- which is the right answer.

Watch this video: to know more on how you can make the most of the shortcut techniques.

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